A race is pretty boring without an opponent

Despite all my efforts here, I was unable to goad any of the people mentioned into running. I really, really wish more attention was paid to my mention of the all-male mayoral review, but it barely garnered a peep. So it goes. I also love the placard story, that I got to use the word “Manchvegas” and I got a counter-punch from a normally quiet public figure in the column.

With Corriveau out, who will run against Gatsas?

ALDERMAN Garth Corriveau decided against a run for mayor. Now what?

“I know there are others that are talking about it and talking about it behind the scenes,” said Manchester City Democratic Chairman Mike Brunelle. “There are still qualified people out there who are thinking about stepping up to the plate and challenging (Mayor) Ted Gatsas.”

So the wait continues.

There’s been plenty of talk about where to find a formidable challenger to Gatsas. Some suggest recruiting an experienced Democrat who has stepped back from the spotlight lately; Manchester attorneys Bob Backus and Tom Donovan are such Democrats. Continue reading

Got this one

Corriveau out of mayoral race

Alderman Garth Corriveau will announce this afternoon that he will not be a candidate for mayor this fall, but will instead run for re-election for his Ward 6 seat.

“In recent weeks I have heard from residents throughout Manchester about how I can best serve our city in the next two years. Their response, support and encouragement have been heartening and humbling,” said the first-term alderman. “Although many metrics indicate that a campaign for higher office very well may be successful, the most important factor to me was hearing from several Ward 6 residents of all political parties who expressed their hope that I seek reelection as their alderman. Upon careful reflection with them, my family and friends, it is time to end the political speculation and get to work.” Continue reading

Scoop of lemons

When Alderman Garth Corriveau gave this scoop to another reporter, I was miffed. I’m the one and only Manchester City Hall reporter. These are things I should get. Well, Corriveau made it up to me (as you’ll see in a later post) and the initial scoopage gave me a little extra gumption to stick my neck out and do some actual analysis. Lemons into lemonade, as they say.

Corriveau in ‘exploratory’ mode on mayoral run

ALDERMAN Garth Corriveau teased the local media last week with hints about a possible run for mayor. Now in the “exploratory” mode, he’s talking to political players both inside and outside of Manchester looking for advice on his next move. This despite Corriveau being well-positioned for reelection to his Ward 6 seat, as are the other Democratic aldermen who have announced intentions to run. No one has announced a run against Corriveau yet, either, which could mean an easy skate to a second term and a solid foundation for higher political office.

Here’s another thing for Corriveau — or whichever Democrat steps up to the plate — to consider. The corner office on the third floor of City Hall is Mayor Ted Gatsas’ to lose.

Gatsas lent himself $25,000 for his reelection campaign last quarter. About half of that has already been spent for campaign work by the politically savvy marketing company wedu. There’s also a fund-raiser scheduled for Gatsas on June 16 at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral.
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