A race is pretty boring without an opponent

Despite all my efforts here, I was unable to goad any of the people mentioned into running. I really, really wish more attention was paid to my mention of the all-male mayoral review, but it barely garnered a peep. So it goes. I also love the placard story, that I got to use the word “Manchvegas” and I got a counter-punch from a normally quiet public figure in the column.

With Corriveau out, who will run against Gatsas?

ALDERMAN Garth Corriveau decided against a run for mayor. Now what?

“I know there are others that are talking about it and talking about it behind the scenes,” said Manchester City Democratic Chairman Mike Brunelle. “There are still qualified people out there who are thinking about stepping up to the plate and challenging (Mayor) Ted Gatsas.”

So the wait continues.

There’s been plenty of talk about where to find a formidable challenger to Gatsas. Some suggest recruiting an experienced Democrat who has stepped back from the spotlight lately; Manchester attorneys Bob Backus and Tom Donovan are such Democrats. Continue reading

Alderman Patrick Arnold fuels the comment section

City Hall can be a hit or miss. Some issues really rile people unexpectedly, others seem controversial then get no feedback. This one got ample comments out of the blue, part of which was getting called out by Alderman Greazzo, then Greazzo getting a lashing from fellow commenters that he should lay off. Nice.

Alderman scolded for raising complaint in public

March 6, 2011

ALDERMAN Patrick Arnold thought he was doing some good by bringing a constituent’s concern before the board. The Ward 12 alderman had received a complaint about possible dog fighting in the city and asked at Tuesday’s meeting that the matter be sent to committee for further investigation.

What he didn’t expect was getting nipped by his fellow aldermen. Continue reading