Freelance writing workshop resources

UPDATE: I’ve added my latest PowerPoint presentation – from April 2018 – for anyone interested in checking it out.

I hope the folks who joined me over the weekend for my freelance writing workshop will have the chance to check out some of my favorite freelance writing links and resources. I’ve also added my PowerPoint presentation for those who want to revisit my presentation.

Again, keep in mind that networking is the key to success and that having a venue to show off your writing is a must for editors looking to hire you. Good luck everyone!

Freelance Writing Workshop2018

2018 Freelance Writing Workshop Resources


One-stop shop for all things media with lots of industry information. You can find advice on how to pitch national and large regional publications and websites here, as well as information on who to pitch and when to pitch. You can also find a wide range of courses here, varying in commitment and price. Subscription needed to access some content.

Freelancers Union

The motto here is “Freelance isn’t free.” You will find lots of practical advice on the business-side of freelance writing, from information on how to claim freelance writing income on your taxes to what to do if a publication won’t pay you. I find the blog particularly helpful with short articles packed with advice from full-time freelancers.

NH Writers’ Project

The state’s top organization for writers of all levels. Annual Writers’ Day event has lots of networking opportunities, as well as monthly Writers’ Night Out and book groups.

NH Creative Club

Commercial artists, communication and media professional networking group. Not a lot of writers, but many people who work in media, marketing and communications – all good people to know as you build your clips.

NH Media Makers

A group of largely Seacoast-area artists, designers and writers. The group meets the second Sunday of every month at 10am at Crackskulls in Newmarket, NH. Many of the members are involved in many projects, some that require writers.

Writers Market

From their website: “ lists more than 8,000 publishing opportunities, whether you write nonfiction, fiction, poetry, scripts or children’s books. Listings include contact information, submission preferences, payment rates, and more.”

The Billfold

A blog about money and making a living in the gig economy. Nicole Dieker is a freelance writer who shares her experiences, as well as those of others in the writing business.


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