Talking about Her Story


Back row, from left, “Her Story” cast members Laura Waleryszak, Christian Ochoa, executive producer Kater Fisher, and Fawzia Mirza; front row, from left, Angelica Ross and Jen Richards

One of the things I love about doing interviews is the interesting things you end up talking about that don’t always make it into the story. I had a great chat with Laura Waleryszak about making art, making a living at making art, finding a supportive collaborative community, and being true to yourself as an artist. You’ll find some of that in my piece below, but I only wish I could have fit it all.

If you haven’t seen the fantastic “Her Story,” you should. It’s short, but packs a lot of emotion and humor into a little package. You can also learn more about the show in my interview with Waleryszak, which I’ve included some of below.

Exeter native’s show earns Emmy nod

Laura Waleryszak crafts authentic LGBTQ characters for an online TV drama

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