A Story to Tell


I don’t know why I decided to sign up for A Winter’s Tale storytelling series a few years ago. I was out of work and trying desperately to get published anywhere. I guess I thought forcing myself on stage, to come up with words that create a fluid flow of thought, well, I hoped it might just make me a better writer.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the stage to tell a story about myself. More recently I’ve been trying to master the personal essay, which I’ve found is very different than telling a group of people something funny or awkward or horrible about yourself. Storytelling is something I’ve always wanted to dive back into, but wasn’t really sure about the best way to do it. When I attended the 3S Artspace opening in March and saw the facilities, I knew this would be a great spot for such a storytelling event.

I brought it up to Executive Director Chris Greiner when I bumped into him late night out for drinks. He said the idea was great and that I was in charge of making it happen.

It looks like it’s happening, folks.

Long Story Short is a non-fiction storytelling series featuring writers, performers and regular folk from across Northern New England. Held every other month, on the third Wednesday of the month, each Long Story Short event puts six storytellers on the stage at 3S Artspace to share their tales of a strange, sad or significant moment from their lives.

We’re still looking for speakers for the November and January events. Email blh@gardnerstate.com if you are interested in speaking or at the very least spreading the word.

And also a special shout-out to the amazing artist and designer who put this poster together, Amy Jane Larkin.

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