Marking the end with The Weirs

Sadly, I’ve hung up my Stay Work Play blogger hat. My final post was last week, an ode to one of my favorite New Hampshire spots, Weirs Beach. I thoroughly enjoyed my time blogging there, if not for the fact it forced me to write about something I love twice a month. I am hoping the regular ritual will continue as I work on spending more time on my personal writing. While I’m likely not to reach a Stephen King level of regularity, I do hope to publish something here in the coming weeks.

WeirsBeach (1)

Weirs Beach is where it’s at

Maybe it’s been too cold for too long, but I’ve found myself this week looking over my options for a summer vacation. I’ve done the mountains and I live near the ocean, both great choices, but the place I keep coming back to is in the heart of the Lakes Region.

Weirs Beach, in Laconia, is an old school resort town. As you drive into “the Weirs,” as my friends and I call it, the glowing sign tells you you’re in for fun. There’s swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee. There’re arcades, places to buy cheesy T-shirts, fudge, and racy coffee mugs. There’re mini golf and go-carts. There are bars and restaurants, a drive-in theater and a waterslide park. There is seriously so much fun here one cannot possibly fit it into one day.

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