Stay Work Play: Advice on Networking?

As a regular blogger for Stay Work Play, I am given lots of liberty as far as what I can post. Went to a winery over the weekend. Yup, that counts. Saw a comedian at the Portsmouth Music Hall. That’s one of the next posts on my list. While these out-and-about posts are perfectly fine, we are also encouraged to write about  more professional concepts, like things that can help you land a job or improve your skills.

So I dug deep into my career history and came up with this blog post I thought might help young college grads and 20-somethings ease into the working world a little more smoothly. Is this advice valuable? Who knows? I offer what I learned along the way, for what that’s worth.


The (relatively) pain-free guide to networking

Let’s face it. Networking is not easy. It requires putting yourself out there, meeting new people, and facing some rejection. But it’s also one of the best ways to land a new job.

There are lots of websites and career advice manuals that can help you get started, but knowing how hard networking has been for me and considering how many times I’ve turned to networking after a layoff or career change, I wanted to offer my (relatively) pain free guide.

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