My past year

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Part of the reason why I decided to go back to freelance writing and working from home is because of this little lady, my daughter Evelyn. She was born a year ago July 12, a point at which time began to take on a whole new meaning.

In those first few weeks, the days were drawn into long, seemingly unending cycles of feeding, crying, napping and my futile attempts to return to some sense of normalcy. As I tell my friends, that first month was the longest in my life.

But then the routine sank in and I started getting more than mere morsels of sleep — up to five hour uninterrupted! Heaven! Fall made way into the dark of winter and my daughter and I started getting to know each other.

In January, I began to feel the itch to write again, to be a part of the working world, so I reached out to my writing, editing and marketing contacts looking for a way to still be at home yet ease my way back into the workforce. There have been some tough weeks, but in general, launching BLH Writing Solutions has been everything I hoped it would be. I have the opportunity to work with creative and interesting people, write as much as I can and still the flexibility to spend time with Evelyn.

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On Sunday, my family gathered to celebrate the birth of my daughter. I made yellow cupcakes and a homemade chocolate frosting, which she accepted with the predictable messy results. There was torn wrapping paper and struggles to open toy packaging and in the end a couple tired tears, but overall a successful first year celebration.

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My husband and I talked later that evening about how this birthday celebration seemed to us not to be just about my daughter turning 1, but a chance for us to quietly celebrate making it through that tough first year. It made me realize why that first birthday celebration seems so important. It’s a baby’s first steps into childhood and a parent’s chance to heave a huge sigh and enjoy the fact that the longest days are over.

In the past year, I’ve raised a newborn through infancy, learning every step of the way. And I started a new business, too. It’s been a wonderful year.

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