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You are busy. You’re staff is busy. When it comes to creative and strategic writing that captures customers’ attention, you and your team don’t always have the resources to give these tasks the time they deserve.

That’s where I come in.

Are you trying to drive more traffic to your site with SEO-friendly blog posts? Do you need a travel writer to write a FOB piece about inns in Maine? Or maybe someone to write a compelling profile about the company CEO? I have 10 years of writing experience in journalism and marketing. I can objectively cover a breaking news story, write in the voice of your magazine, put together a press release that will catch an editor’s eye and write web copy aimed directly at the customers you want to attract.

Why struggle writing the content you need when you can have a professional do it? Please take a look at some of the information and links I’ve provided below or contact me for a digital portfolio at gardnerstate@gmail.com.


When it comes to writing in the world of marketing, tone and messaging are just as important as proper spelling and grammar. Beth has worked with a number of marketing firms writing press releases, report summaries, special publications and other copy. She understands that different projects require different writing styles and is able to cater her writing to fit the client’s needs.

Press Releases

During Beth’s 10 years as a daily news reporter, she saw plenty of press releases. She knows what works, what will get an editor’s attention and what lands the release in the trash. Beth has written press releases for dozens of companies in a wide variety of fields, always bringing a journalist’s eye to the project. Let her write your next release, or edit your releases before you send them out to maximize their impact. You can see a sample of her work here.


In today’s competitive media landscape, it’s important to gear the words on your website or blog toward web readers, not print readers. With seven years of blogging and web writing experience, Beth knows how to spruce up your blog or website to attract finicky web users. She also understands how to integrate SEO into your web copy in a clean and subtle way, helping boost your site in the search results.

Website copy

Redesigning a website isn’t just about changing the look. What the website says should be just as important. Beth can work with your marketing or web design company to create cohesive and well-written web copy for your clients. Beth has also contributed to redesign team meetings with both client and company to ensure the branding, tone and mission are cohesive throughout the entire website. You can review my writing for Skillings & Sons, Inc. here.


Part creative writing, part marketing and part SEO, blogging is one of the easiest ways companies can reach new clients. But in the busy day-to-day of running a business, blogging often falls by the wayside. Beth is a professional writer and blogger who can manage this task for your employees, providing well-written, interesting and search engine optimized content. You can view a sample at Stay Work Play, where Beth is a featured blogger. You can also view my blogging and travel writing skills at The Quechee Club blog here.


Beth has been writing news and feature articles since she graduated from Emerson College with a master’s degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing. While covering daily news, her focus was politics, government and courts, but she’s also written many profiles and general interest news articles, as well. Beth’s experience has been both in newspapers and in online publishing.

Here are two examples from her work at the New Hampshire Union Leader:



And an example of her recent work for the Associated Press:


And For UNH Today:



Beth has experience editing news, business and creative writing for a variety of clients. Whether it’s proofreading your thesis or editing an annual report, Beth has the style guide knowledge and experience to get your project done right and on deadline.

Other Writing

Beth has written for magazines and other publications under her own byline and as a ghost writer. If you would like to learn more about her feature writing, travel writing and ghost writing, please email her at gardnerstate@gmail.com.

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