Best News All Day 5-6-13





— I’d like to start with an incredibly creepy article in the Union Leader about landowners “hunting” biologists conducting a wildlife study in Northern New Hampshire as part of the prep work for Northern Pass. Nothing motivates New Englanders like the prospect of some kind of development in their backyard, so it’s no surprise that people who live in the middle of nowhere are concerned when they see officials doing research connected to a project they viscerally despise. But geez, following them and ordering them off your land? These are biologists, not Satanists.

— The annual report for the Verizon Wireless Arena is out and it appears to have been a good year, with net revenue at $1.9 million. The Special Committee on the Civic Center will meet next week to go over the numbers with the independent auditor.

— Hooksett. What are you going to do with all your high school students? Are you going to build a new school? Send them somewhere else? Possibly break your contract with Manchester? OK. Taking your fight with Manchester to the state Board of Education is something.

Linked to the Union Leader article on this is an op-ed by David Ryan, Nashua High School North principal, former Central High employee and Hooksett/Central High parent. It addresses the challenges the new Manchester superintendent of schools will face and offers a little advice, not only to the person who next holds that position, but to the School Board and mayor that seem to wield so much power over that job.

— They say becoming a parent changes how you look at things, especially when it comes to issues with kids. That’s probably why I was so moved by this case, having recently had a baby. I just couldn’t understand, how could you leave your injured child alone at a hospital and run off with the man who (allegedly) hurt him? Documents filed by the prosecution are shedding some light on that and is likely to be an integral part of its case against Roland Dow, accused of the assault. From the WMUR article:

“Prosecutors said they will call an expert witness in the field of intimate partner violence to assist the jury’s understanding of (accused mother Jessica) Linscott’s behavior. The filing said the witness will discuss the patterns and general trends of victims of intimate violence regarding their nondisclosure or hesitancy to disclose the violence.”

Also in the news:

— Awesome red tailed hawk video.

— Great Charles McMahon article about the new Memorial Bridge span floating in last night/this morning.

— GZA (of Wu-Tang) will be performing at the Shaskeen later this month. I’m not kidding.

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