Best News All Day 2-25-13

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Good morning. Today marks the first installment of my new series of (semi-) regular morning news round-up posts, Best News All Day.

Now, New Hampshire is a small state and there isn’t always a ton going on here. I would, however, like to use these posts to shed light on more interesting and less reported stories. So here we go…email me at is you have any feedback.

– The New Hampshire House is considering an idea that would even make Walter White‘s skin crawl (at least in seasons 1 and 2).

– Portsmouth has hired a new parking director. He has suggested some good ideas, like a shuttle and bike share. Hopefully he will find peace with the angry vegans.

– Rochester School Board has been trying some pretty innovative tactics to improve attendance and student performance, but is that change coming too quickly for some?

– For your daily politics fix, this NHGOP complaint filed with the AG is breaking. Perhaps the complaint should be amended to something like: “for filing a budget we don’t like.” I’m not sure, though, if that’s against the law.

– A Right-To-Know violation hearing got ugly in Marlborough. No offense to my former UL colleagues, but I think you buried the lead here. There was a request of all town records from 1960 to present? That seems like a lot of casual reading. Which then resulted in this? (From the UL story today:)

When releasing the records, Select Board Administrative Assistant Sandra LaPlante gave “all sealed non-public town records from 2002 and 2010 in the electronic records. LaPlante said she did not realize she had released the confidential information (until the petitioner) listed it as a right-to-know violation in the contempt of court motion last June.”

Good day and happy reading.

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