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Corriveau out of mayoral race

Alderman Garth Corriveau will announce this afternoon that he will not be a candidate for mayor this fall, but will instead run for re-election for his Ward 6 seat.

“In recent weeks I have heard from residents throughout Manchester about how I can best serve our city in the next two years. Their response, support and encouragement have been heartening and humbling,” said the first-term alderman. “Although many metrics indicate that a campaign for higher office very well may be successful, the most important factor to me was hearing from several Ward 6 residents of all political parties who expressed their hope that I seek reelection as their alderman. Upon careful reflection with them, my family and friends, it is time to end the political speculation and get to work.”

Corriveau is the former head of the New Hampshire Young Democrats and is seen as a rising star in Manchester politics. He recently left former Democratic Congressional candidate Justin P. Nadeau’s law offices in Portsmouth to start his own practice, Corriveau Law Offices, PLLC, in Manchester.

Corriveau will make an official announcement this afternoon via a video message posted to his aldermanic Facebook page,

These are difficult times for the city, Corriveau said today, and pledged to represent constituents of all political parties.

“The people of Ward Six deserve to be represented by an advocate who will ask the tough questions, examine all sides of an issue, act with uncompromising integrity, and who will quickly and effectively resolve their concerns,” said Corriveau. “As Ward Six alderman, I will continue to strive to bring energy and urgency to City Hall, to demand accountability and transparency in city government, and to minimize our tax burden while upholding our key responsibilities for safe neighborhoods and successful schools. I look forward to knocking on constituents’ doors across Ward Six this summer and fall, having face-to-face discussions about the challenges facing our city, and waging a vigorous and victorious grassroots campaign for reelection.”

With Corriveau now bowing out of the mayoral race, the Democrats have no clear candidate to run against first-term Mayor Ted Gatsas, who is seen as a strong contender for re-election.

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